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Jonmer Property Developers - McDonalds buildingVery few property development companies anywhere bring such passion and pride of achievement, such knowledge and experience, such vision and commitment to long term relationships as Jonmer. Very few property developers anywhere have set such high standards of quality for themselves and the industry as this company has.

Few other property development companies in New Zealand have done more to help shape the future of modern day shopping and the modern day business environment than Jonmer.

Jonmer property developmentJonmer has built its reputation from a vast stable of high-profile clients; leading edge planners, architects, landscape designers and proud mayors!
As the creator of New Zealand’s first ‘Supa Centas’; as the conceptualisers and developers of some of Auckland’s most successful and best known commercial and industrial projects over the past 30 years, Jonmer has literally helped pioneer the commercial landscape of some of New Zealand’s fastest-growing cities. Recent residential and apartment developments are further proof of Jonmer’s comprehensive coverage of the whole spectrum of property development in New Zealand.


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